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MERKUR 34G GOLD HD SAFETY RAZOR Merkur 34g hd razor is the gold plated version of Merkur 34c hd safety razor, one of the best sellers safety razor in the. Preis und andere Details können je nach Größe und Farbe variieren. MERKUR DOVO sicherheits-rasierer 34g HD Gold, 90 g. 4,5 von. Der Rasur Merkur 34G HD ist die vergoldete Version des Sicherheitsrasierers Merkur 34C HD, einer der meistverkauften Sicherheitsrasierer. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Merkur 34g gerade Bar HD Gold Safety Razor bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! Der Merkur 34c war der 2. Hobel, seitdem ich vor knapp 5 Jahren vom Systemrasierer zum Hobel umgestiegen bin. Heute ist er immer noch mein.

Merkur Hd 34g

Der Rasur Merkur 34G HD ist die vergoldete Version des Sicherheitsrasierers Merkur 34C HD, einer der meistverkauften Sicherheitsrasierer. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Merkur 34g gerade Bar HD Gold Safety Razor bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! Merkur Rasierhobel 34G vergoldet Rasierhobel von Merkur Solingen, der Merkur HD Gold Plated Double Edge Safety Razor with Bar (Closed) Guard 34G. I eventually got fed up with the poor quality of these razors and began the search for a better option. Great all-round package! Regardless of whether you prefer a thorough clean shave or want to give your beard the right contours, when you purchase Merkur products you acquire a piece of Youspades Casino Bonus Code shaving culture for a cultivated start to the day. Lovely feel, no nicks, no cuts. Shaher Ashhab. I would say the finish is ok though some flaws from machining noticeable. New Orleans Online Hughes. Dein Wunschpreis. Der Hobel ist insbesondere für Anfänger perfekt. Zwischen Do, In der Tat, dieser Hobel sieht toll aus. Merkur 34C Gold Produktinformationen. Bitte geben Sie Parship Erste Nachricht Stückzahl von mindestens Brands Deutsch ein.

Does the job perfectly. My first DE razor. I m now enjoying the closest shave I have ever had and razor burn around my neck has completely gone.

Just beautiful. Gold raises the class factor up by a notch for a razor that is already classy on its own. Highly recommended for beginners looking to upgrade their shaving equipment.

Excellent and swift transaction, would recommend traditional shaving. The Merkur 34G shaves extremely well. Write your review!

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In Stock Warning: Last items in stock! Availability date: Notify me when available. Time left:. Add to Compare. Add to wishlist. About Merkur Product Details Reviews Merkur of Solingen have been producing high quality safety razors and shaving equipment for over seventy years.

Sahleam Amazing piece of kit. John H. Great little razor. Top quality razor, and looks sensational in gold plated finish. No comment.

One of the best safety razors out there. This is my first safety razor and I found it very easy to use. I like it better in gold than in silver.

Otherwise a great razor. An excellent well balanced razor that really gives a smooth shave. Excellent transaction.

Super-fast delivery. I cannot reccomend this razor or Shave Shack enough. Big thankyou to Dan and his staff for the excellent service,I will certainly be using you for all my shaving needs in the future.

Jacob Wells. There is something enjoyably old school about the shaving experience now whilst getting a far superior shave at the same time. How on earth did Mach 3 corner the market!!!

It must be true what they say, marketing is an evil, evil thing. Now, I am laughing at the Mach 3 sitting pathetically at the bottom of my bathroom bin and will no doubt chuckle to myself everytime is see Mr.

Beckham and Co. Glenn Bautista. After shaving many years on multi bladed cartridges, i got fed up with the pulling, tugging shave experience and the cost of very expensive replacement blades.

So i decided to do my research and came across DE safety razors, reminded me of grandad's razor. I never looked back since, I've had the best shave since.

No nicks, no ingrown hairs and a very close shave. Partnered with Taylor's sandalwood cream and badger brush, my shaving wet shaving is no longer a chore but almost like a very pleasant hobby.

Old school it may be but great craftsmanship and engineering produced precise cutting edge technology and not forgetting low cost in the long run as blades are dirt cheap.

John Shuttleworth. Having never tried a DE razor shave before I thought it wise to go for the 34C as it seems to be so popular with other reviewers.

I had to wait a couple of months as there didn't appear to be a single razor to be had on British soil! Can only say I'm glad I waited as it works a dream and was very easy to get used too.

I'm still experimenting with which blades suit me best but so far Derby's seem to be the favourite. Rob Thorne. I started shaving with a plastic DE razor a couple of months ago just to see if it was for me.

It is a superb piece of craftsmanship and an absolute joy to use. For the first time in over twenty years I am happy with my morning shave, in fact I actually look forward to it.

Never thought I would ever say that. The service provided by The Shaving Shack was excellent and I shall definitely be using them again. Most websites related to DE shaving will refer to this as the ideal starter razor for new comers and as a new comer it is hard to imagine how another razor could better this.

Simple and well weighted, and a few shaves in with the Merkur blade provided and I'm already getting good results. If you are considering converting I'd really start here, well worth the price and will ultimately save you more - you'd even get a free pack of excellently rated blades if you order from here!

This is my first metal DE razor and so was very smooth on the skin and feels and looks like a quality product.

The razor itself has a large enough gap between the blade and bar to help prevent a build up of stubble particularly good if you have a thick bristle in the razor.

Instead of debating if you should buy it, just take a chance, it is worth the money and the customer service and delivery speed of The Shaving-shack is amazing.

Possibly the best customer experience I have experienced, in particular the ability to ask a question, Dan was exceptionally helpful in answering any questions I had.

Mark Baker. I have now had this razor for 3 weeks now and I am getting wonderfully close shaves now, the first week was quite a steep learning curve with quite a few nicks, But i am now glad that I persevered with it I would say that now my perpetration and technique has improved may shaves are 8 to 12 hours closer than my Gillette fusion.

Peter Summersell. This is the perfect razor for beginners and experts alike, and a great introduction to DE shaving. Unless you're looking for adjustability, it's hard to go wrong with the 34C.

Atholl Murray. Been using disposable Gillette 2 blade things which have been quite good. Tried all the mega bladed razors but they were not a huge amount better and very expensive.

Thought I'd give this a try!! After days of research went for this and its brilliant. Not cuts at all, 3 days worth of stubble gone in no time.

So smooth and easy. Take your time and its the best shave ever. Nothing else comes close. Great site, great customer service, well done The Shaving Shack!!!

Jason Murkin. What can I say? Although I am relative newbie to DE shaving about 2 months , in that short period time I have amassed quite a considerable collection of safety razors verging on obsessive This particular razor, in my opinion, beats the rest hands down and if I could use only one razor for the rest of my life then I wouldn't hesitate in choosing the 34c.

As well as incredible build quality for the relatively small investment definitely the correct term this razor gives an incredible shave close and comfortable.

A lot of people say this is good for beginners but I can honestly say I do not believe ANY razor can out perform it!

Dave Brennan. As a relative newcomer to DE shaving, I opted for this razor and have to say I'm not disappointed at all.

I've never had shaves this close with any other razor. If anyone is thinking that the price is a bit steep for "just a razor", then think about how many blades you got though normally and how much they cost, the quality of this razor far outweighs the price paid in the long run.

Jon Ruben. The 34C has been called the world's best DE razor probably because it is. Beautifully balanced and weighted with a perfect length handle that is easy to grip.

The weight is in the head so you just need to glide the razor across your skin for a perfect rash free shave. It works very well with Derby and Merker blades but for experienced shavers, the Feather blades give the closest shave but not to be rushed!

Greg Hesp. After shaving with Fusion Power, I was fed up of the expensive blades and the not-so-close shave they gave so was recommended to try a DE razor.

The 34C was recommended to be and I cannot complain. It takes a bit long to shave, but it is a much more enjoyable shave leaving a very close cut with no shaving rash.

I was a little bit weary of it on my first use, thinking I would end up with cuts over my face, however this wasn't the case. I even tried shaving against the grain, however this proved to be a little trickier than expected, however a lot easier that with a Fusion Power Would highly recommend this.

I found the blade it comes with the best compared to the Derby blades. Unfortunately they don't seem to sell them here, so i've just bought some Feather blades.

Adnan Khan. I bought this Razor and at arrived not long ago 10th Nov This is my first jump to a double edge razor from the crappy cartridge based system.

I have to say I was gobsmacked by the build quality of the razor. The craftsmanship is incredible.

The weight is also perfect. It's got a fair bit of weight which allows for maximum control over each stroke of the blade. I have so far shaved with it twice as the time of this review and I can say it is a pleasurable experience.

I love shaving with it! James Dimock. After shaving with disposable cartridges for all of my shaving days I decided to take the plunge and equip myself with something of vintage quality and manly appeal.

After much deliberation over which DE razor to buy I settled on the Merkur 34C and let the face grow long or a week so I could lather up and put it through its paces.

Well, I have just taken the plunge and am beard and cut free and feeling very gentlemanly. I've already ordered cream and some different blades and can't wait for my next shave.

The shave was super lose and smooth, no razor burn at all. The 34c is a great weighty piece of kit - it feels great in my handand looks the buiness.

Buy one. Almost all of them recommended the Merkur 34C for starters. A couple of months passed since i bought one and could not be happier with it.

No more supermarket razors! Richard Wager. Got this razor for Christmas, I have used it for past week with a featherlight blade, one word Best present this year.

Thinking about DE Razors? I had a Wilkinson Sword something or other 3, and before that a Gillette Mach 3. To be fair it was the Wilkinson Sword that really pushed me to look for something better.

Even that was immediately better! Then I ordered this razor, from here, with the Bluebeard pre shave oil, luxury shave soap, and the post shave balm.

What a diffence. Want to know exactly whatbthat difference is? Simple really. First shave with your Mach 3, both with and against the stubble. Then rince the sink out completely.

Now shave with a DE razor. Everything that is left in the sink is what your Mach3 couldn't shave. You'll be very surprised indeed. You won't need to look in the sink to be impressed though, you'll run your hand across your face and you'll feel the difference.

I can't explain that. You do have to be careful though, and you need to look at some of the advice on technique, and you may cut yourself a few times as you learn - but my goodness, there is no looking back.

My current razor of choice with Feather blades. Gives a superb shave, feels perfect in the hand and seems like it will outlast me as it is so well made.

I also have the 34G in gold, which performs identically but feels a bit special for high days and holidays. Whichever finish you choose this may be the last razor you buy!

John Forbes. Bought this just before Xmas as I was getting fed up with price of triple blades etc. So glad I did as I love this razor and get a terrific shave when using it.

Its put the enjoyment back into shaving for me. Puts the style back into shaving. I bought this DE in order to get rid of borring and paintful multi-blade shaving.

And I didn't regret! It took less than 10 shaves before me and my face got used to this razor and now I just can't wait for new shave. After a lifetime of overpriced cartridges and an electric razor I decided to try DE safety razors.

The cartridges and electric razor worked but failed to give me the quality of shave I really wanted not to mention the obscene overpricing of cartridges.

There were always bits of stubble left and the end result always looked uneven to my critical eye. Researching the razors available this one seemed very popular as a beginners razor so I went for it.

I also got some proper shaving cream rather than the crappy aerosol stuff from supermarkets and a nice quality brush. What a difference it was as an experience shaving this way - like night vs day!

The shave was clean and no uneven bits of stubble left. Finally I'd achieved the quality of shave I'd always wanted. For those starting out I would recommend purchase of a good quality shaving cream such as Taylors products and also Proraso shave cut healing gel - works as advertised and stops bleeding fast which may be useful while you are getting used to shaving this way.

This particular blade is very nicely made - high quality and pretty much perfect. I can't think of any way it could've been better - so no regrets choosing this model at all If you are thinking of trying safety razors - in my opinion - just DO it!

You won't regret it and this model of safety razor is a perfect starting point. Edward Imber. This is an excellent razor. My brother bought it for me as a present and I'm absolutely thrilled with it.

Seems extremely well made, though superficially perhaps not as well chromed as the DE Highly recommended.

I have only just got into DE shaving at the tender age of 40, I decided to buy the Merkur 34c HD razor having been through almost every blade razor available on the market.

Buy one, you won't be sorry. Emil Tihane. Im very pleased with this blade. The shave was so smooth and i've never been this excited to shave again.

No wonder its the best razor blade in the world. Janne Taanila. I noticed few key differences between these two. Although Merkur is a quality piece of equipment compared to some cheaper brands, it took some time to get used to.

At first I noticed that it's quite heavy, much more than I expected; even though the handle is quite short. I used to have Mach3 razors before my discovery with safety razors and the 34C really seemed to be a bit too short.

After the the first shave I was a bit disappointed with the result because it didn't cut as good as I expected. But the reason come clear when I examined the blade more closely.

The head of the razor seemed to bend the blade a little, so the cutting angle wasn't the same when shaving with a straight blade. That's why I had to learn to use my new razor in a different angle, which took some time to get used to.

Also inserting the blade wasn't so easy as I thought. The head didn't tighten just by screwing the nob at the bottom of the handle, so I had to use my other hand to push the head downwards to get the blade become strained.

The safety bars of the razor's head are also quite thick, so the head tends to clog when shaving a longer stubble. I use the razor to shave my bald as well, and especially hair seems to clog more than beard.

For that reason I guess my next razor will be an open comb model. Richard Tomlinson. After using Mach 3 style razors for the best part of my adult life I decided that it was time for a change.

Unfortunately I have a very thick set beard when it grows in and the razor rash that I suffered with convential razors and store bought shaving creams was immense.

There was certainly no glide to those products. After reading many reviews I decided that I was going to try something completely different and go for a straight razor which was bought very cheaply from ebay.

I have to say that it provided good results but so difficult to use. Not to be discouraged I pressed on and opted for the DE syle razor. One day in and i'm hooked.

I get a smooth, comfortable shave, can use the techniques that ive taught myself for years and the shave actually lasted me almost 24hrs before my growth started to show.

A must have for anyone who A lothes shaving, and B is looking for that quality they know is out there. A professional wet shave for me from now on.

Gareth Shaw. As with many other reviewers on here, the Merkur 34C was my first DE razor. I had previously been using a mixture of electric and cartridge razors over the years with varying results.

After a few months considering it I took the plunge and move up to a DE razor. I must say the first shave was incredible, much closer than I have ever shaved before.

It takes a bit of time and effort to get your skill level and complimenting products right, luckily I fluked it from the word go.

A decent brush and soap makes all the difference. Following some particularly bad razor burn I started trawling the internet looking for solutions and the consensus was to go for a double edged razor.

The Merkur 34C seemed to have consistently high reviews and came recommended by a number of experts in the field. I took the plunge and ordered one from The Shaving Shack, I ordered on a Sunday and it was delivered on the Tuesday so great, quick service.

The razor is small, but has a good weight to it and is very well put together. The included blade seemed sharp enough and with a two pass with and across the grain shave it felt significantly less harsh than my previous Gillette Fusion razor, with better results.

Very glad I've chosen this razor! Being my first ever DE razor I have little to compare it to. However I bought this razor as it was suggested as a very good first razor for anyone new to traditional shaving and I have to say it was excellent advice.

After spending hours researching forums and watching mantic59's YouTube videos I have just had my first shave with this razor.

The build quality is excellent and it feels solid and nicely weighted. Combined with a derby blade I managed a very good first shave and felt completely in control with this razor.

I hope to build up my collection over time, but I'm sure this will always stay with me and may even get passed down the generations. For anyone new to DE shaving I would thoroughly recommend.

Ross Muir. Ordered Wednesday night and it arrived Friday morning. Was worried that the handle could be too short when I first got it out of the box but it's a nicely balanced razor and handle length was perfect when shaving.

Used with a feather blade and combined with the 34C gave me the finest shave I've ever had. Very, very impressed with the Merkur 34C.

A fine piece of kit. Patrick Britton. Quality piece of kit. The weight of the razor does all the work, you don't have to apply any pressure.

Daniel Devine. This has to be the best razor I have ever used, the craftsmanship of this razor is absolutely superb, I believe this razor combined with a feather blade is a match made in heaven, I suffered irritation with my Mach 3, and the Fusion, after my shave no irration whatsoever, this razor just glided across my face it was such a wonderful shave, I have never had such a close shave, it is truly a wonderful experience, the overall cost of blades is much cheaper by far compared to the other leading disposable brands, Mach 3 has gone in the bin and this is now my razor of choice combined with the feather blades.

Chris Richmond. Beautiful piece of German engineering. It has a lovely weight to it and is perfectly balanced, the handle in shorter than your 'off the shelf' razors but that just adds to the beauty of of it.

I would definitely recommend this razor. Henrik Fredriksson. HERE I urge you to start and if you want- you can stop here. For life. Great razor.

Many razors on for me - this one is a keeper. Lars Karlsson. Daniel Warry. What on earth have I been doing to my face all these years?

My brother talked me into buying a decent Badger brush, 34c razor, some Proraso menthol cream and a selection of blades.

I can honestly say that it's been the best purchase I have ever made And what a website!! Just waiting for the shavette to arrive now, hopefully I wont be waiting for the ambulance to arrive after my first crack at straight shaving!!

Andrew Oliver. This is an amazing DE razor. The balance and weight make shaving with it a breeze.

It's shot handle and textured grip made handing it even with wet hands easy. I've been shaving with mine for some time now and love it!

I would recommend this DE razor to any beginner to traditional wet shaving. When you start with this DE razor you rest assured that you've made the right choice, then you only need to worry about choosing the right blade!

Happy shaving Patrick Higgins. I am stunned by this razor. For the first time in my adult life, and I'm I have been able to shave my sensitive neck competely clean, with NO irritation or redness.

I have previously used various Multi-cartridge razors, and I simpy wish I had found this razor 20 years ago. The weight of the whole thing is perfect, and the headpiece seems to hug your face effortlessly, making the whole process easy and pleasurable.

I cannot recommend this razor enough, it has transformed my whole view of shaving. Thanks to Shaving-shack for great advice, quick delivery and an unbeatable product.

Iain Sutcliffe. Had my first shave with this today - in fact its the first DE shave ever I was worried that as a raw beginner, I would be wasting my money and almost bought a much cheaper DE razor on here but im so glad i took the advice and went for the 34C - it was the right choice i think.

Now i just need to get another for my travel bag and improve on my technique over the coming months!! Being a 21 year old student the excessive expenses incurred by using cartridge razors has over time become a real annoyance.

After some research I discovered the many great benefits that come from DE shaving. The reduced expense, closer and more comfortable shave being the most alluring.

The first DE razor I purchased was a cheap model from a local pharmacy. The results were a definite improvement over my fusion razor.

However it was only after my first few shaves with the Merkur that I truly understood all the claims made by others about DE shaving. This razor has an amazing quality feel to it.

Although it is the amazing shave that I get with the razor that really has converted me to a full time DE shaver.

A truly great shaver that I recommend to you all with no hesitation. Pardeep Sidhu. I just happened to bump into this website recently having decided to research into why i kept suffering from bumps around my neck after shaving.

It turns out 1 blade is better than 3! Anyway, i took the plunge having read the reviews into the Merkur 34C HD and decided that if so many people had given it positive reviews, it must be one of the best out there.

Having now used it for a month or so, i can say with full confidence that i will never go back to the expense and pain i suffered from all those years of using Gillette Mach 3 blades.

Further more, when my son starts shaving in 12 or so years time, he'll be taught to use a DE razor!

I am completely satisfied with this product and only wish i had come across this razor when i started shaving. As others have said, this is a great Double Edge razor.

Having had, and used mine for the last couple of weeks I certainly won't be going back to the multi blade efforts you see advertised on TV all the time.

Since buying the Merkur I've had a closer shave even though I'm still trying to decide on which brand of blades to finally go with. The razor itself is easy to hold and control, and certainly appears well built.

There's absolutely no plastic in sight - hurrah! James Ashman. As it has always been necessary for me to shave because of my work being in the forces then as a firefighter I dreaded shaving everyday and making the rash on my neck more noticeable and irritated with every shave.

I couldn't wait for a couple if days of to let my face heal. I've looked into causes and cures many times and found that I suffer from ingrown hairs which get really bad especially around my neck.

I had tried power shave and ingrow go which can sting and only sometimes work. I read about safety razors, using badger hair brushes and a good pre shave cream and shave soap so thought "why not give it a try" as I've tried everything else.

I purchased the merkur 34c from shaving shack along with a brush and some shave cream and soap I went with proraso for both as it was a good price and had good reviews and I couldn't be happier with my purchase!!

I've only been shaving like this old skool for a week and notice the difference already!! My neck has improved And it's great being able to put on a soothing after shave balm instead of some ingrown hair solution that stings and irritates my face!!

I never comment on purchases this is my 1st time but I think I've found a cure for my dread of shaving, I'm actually looking forward to my next shave as its an enjoyable experience now.

The razor felt and looked like a good quality, heavy, classic old skool razor and would recommend it to a newbie to safety razor shavers like myself.

This is my first proper DE razor and have been using for a while now. I would say the finish is ok though some flaws from machining noticeable.

A moderately aggressive razor but weight is nice and is more at the end of the razor than the head. Easy to manoevere due to its compact size.

Blade loading is quite easy being a two piece design - unscrew knob at the handle end, lift cap off and invert.

Load the blade on the cap, flip over and screw back in. Just be careful to check blade evenness and sometimes putting a finger on top of the cap before tightening can help.

Robin Hughes. I knew that I had to add the 34c to my collection. Having used it for around a month now I can say that it is a great razor.

It is really well made and looks really nice. I don't use it everyday as it is a little too aggressive for my skin but it can handle a few days' growth with ease.

I would buy this again. It is a great little razor. Very convenient for traveling due to it's small size. It is satisfyingly aggressive and produces a great shave.

I don't use it every day but when I do it is a treat. Dominic LeGros. The Merkur 34C is my first safety razor and I was immediately taken by the quality of it.

Despite being smaller than I imagined it would be, it is a very heavy razor yet very well balanced. From the first shave using the supplied Merkur blade it has been close and comfortable and a sheer pleasure to use.

Shaving has gone from a simple function to an enjoyable ritual - a bit of "me time" as I go through prep, lather and shave. My King of Shaves Azor has now been consigned to history!

Alin Patru. This is a first class razor. It is very well made and has a good heft to it as well. It is said to be a good begginers razor, well I can tell you that it also a good old hands razor as well.

It is not aggressive at all, however, it is a truely fantastic shaver. Christopher Parry. My introduction into the life of proper shaving, and extremely pleased I am too!

Like the weight, very solid. Shorter handle than I was used to only took a couple days of adjustment. Used a Wilko cartridge before now, only shaved because I had to and very rarely felt satisfied with the shave.

Now it's such a pleasure I even shave on my days off. I'm excited now at the prospect of getting a slant bar, but this one's a true beaut and always will be even so.

Andrew Brown. Fantastic razor, so easy to use. Loaded up with platinum astra blades - unbeatable. Carl Stubbs.

I've been using the Merkur 34C now for around 8 months. It doesn't even look like it's been used. It's got a nice weight to it to make shaving very easy you literally apply no pressure and, for me, the shave angle is just right.

As a 'starter' shaver this is highly recommended and, due to my experiences with this one, I'd look to buy Merkur again. As people have previously posted in comparison to Gillette electrics, etc.

Gordon Robb. I had been using a cheap DE razor for about a month and decided to treat myself to a more top of the range razor, and what a treat this Merkur was.

I knew as soon as i took my first stroke with it that i was dealing with a high quality razor, it's chrome finish and cutting angle glided through my 5 day stubble like a hot knife through butter.

It's true what they say, you only get what you pay for and i must say, i did and more. Paul Fitzsimons. Ive never had a comfortable or enjoyable shave in my life, multibalde cartridge razors always felt like they ripped and pulled hairs from my face and electric razors started to give me ingrown hairs.

However, after reading the wiki and seeing that some of the cleaners used to clean razors may harm the gold plating, I'm taking a second look at it.

Are there cleaners out there that don't harm the gold plating? What are your thoughts or experiences?

I'm not even sure why would you use harsh chemicals on a new razor. Hot soapy water and an old toothbrush is all you really need to clean a razor, and that won't damage the plating.

As Edgar mentioned, cleaning a 34 HD only requires mild dish soap. That said, the chrome will be generally more durable than the gold finish.

The only thing I ever use to clean my razor is water. It gets soap lathered on it every shave. My 37G is years old and doesn't show any deterioration of any kind whatsoever.

Of course, I'm not using any chemical cleaners and take very good care of my razors. I say if you like gold, go for it!

Eel One. One of them is gold plated, how is it even a question? I may be biased as my better half is a goldsmith Anyhow, the marginal extra cost of gold plating is next to nothing, so it you favour the gold finish over the chrome finish I see no reason not to go for it.

The only cleaning your razor will ever need is soap and water, and that won't damage the plating. Go for whichever you like best.

Last edited: May 12, Thanks for the replies guys. Soap and water it is, I'll be getting the 34G.

Merkur Hd 34g Merkur Rasierhobel 34G vergoldet Rasierhobel von Merkur Solingen, der Merkur HD Gold Plated Double Edge Safety Razor with Bar (Closed) Guard 34G. MERKUR 34G GOLD Rasierer Rasierhobel Nassrasierer - EUR 35, Merkur 34g Gold Rasierer Merkur 34G Straight Bar HD Gold Safety Razor. EUR 42,72​. Merkur Solingen Rasierhobel 34c Silber 32,47 € Versand frei mit Lieferzeit MERKUR 34G Rasierer RASIERHOBEL GOLD Dovo Rasierapparat. Merkur 34C Gold Test mit Kundenmeinungen (6 Bewertungen - von 5 Sternen). Ausstattung: Rasierhobel / Stückzahl: 1 Stk. / Anzahl Klingen: 1.

Merkur Hd 34g Video

Merkur HD 34C. A Second Look! What more could you ask? Secure Payment. It's incredibly well made and blades don't move at all once seated inside- the 37c requires a little coaxing to get the blade lined up Free Online Slots Gladiator. After shaving with disposable cartridges for all of my shaving days I decided to take the plunge and equip Neuer James Bond Schauspieler with something of vintage quality and manly appeal. I've been wet-shaving two weeks now and this razor has really helped me get a smooth start as possible. Gold FdR-Pate. Bringt mich Bruce Lee Now auf die Idee meinen wieder einmal zu nutzen. Die Art der Öffnung für den Lametta-Einsatz ist zweiteilig; Die Sperrklinke am Ende des Permanenzen Roulette Download ist vollständig Airline Vergleich und der Kopf wird angehoben, um die Rasierklinge einzuführen. Angaben zum Verkäufer m Ab da hatte ich wohl die für mich ideale Winkelführung raus. Cherusker Rennen Online Active Member. Mehr zum Thema - wird in neuem Fenster oder Tab geöffnet. Auch die funktionalen Eigenschaften lassen keine Wünsche offen. My hubby kind of stole my steel Merkur 34, so I bought this one for Trader Workstation Lynx. Anmelden Registrieren. Frank aus Ingolstadt - Oktober Relevanteste Rezensionen Alle 10 Rezensionen ansehen. Die Klinge Sitz direkt beim Einlegen wo sie sitzen soll und da gibt es kaum eine Millimeter, um die Klinge "justieren" zu müssen. Merkur 34C Gold Test aus Verbrauchermagazinen.

Great heft enables fantastic results with the lightest of touches. Don,t leave a plain steel blade e. Treet in this - as opposed to stainless - it will corrode like crazy , both razor and blade.

Wish they'd told me this. Razor shaves well. What can I say about this razor that hasn't already been said in other reviews?

A lovely little razor. It's a good weight, is well balanced and controllable - a very desirable attribute especially when you're shaving around places like the nostrils!

Coupled with a decent blade it gives a first-rate shave and a pleasing shaving experience. One of the good features about it, which is probably why it's recommended particularly for 'novices', is that you don't need to get your fingers anywhere near the blade when you're rinsing it after a shave: just hold the stem and twist the end to loosen it.

Great for the experienced as well. And the gold plate? I'd recommend this razor to anyone. Oh, and the guys at The Traditional Shaving Co. What more could you ask?

Utterly thrilled with my purchase. This is my first foray into "high-end" shaving and after a couple shaves, I have to say what a treat!

First class shaving,. Precision German Engineering at its best again. Saves alot of money to use safety razors instead of the plastic gillette stuff and it looks very classy.

This razor is great! And you feel indeed like a King when shaving. The gold looks great! The only thing is perhaps that the handle is a bit short, though still it shaves with great precision and the weight feels perfect in the hand!

I would get this and throw out the modern plastic razors! Shaving feels more like a nice hobby now then a chore.

Doesn t come with enclosure case, just a thrown away box. But the razor is great. Overall I like it very much.

I bought this to replace another Merkur and was very pleased with the balance, blade angle and look and feel of the razor.

It does a great job and doesn t feel as aggressive as my previous model. This was down to my technique as after a second shave a few days later there was hardly any burn at all.

This is without question a very easy razor to use and with more practice I will be getting a much closer shave than any of the cartridges I have ever tried and for a fraction of the price.

Mr James Hitchings. Why didn't anyone tell me sooner Amazing shave, my first safety razor and my introduction to proper shaving.

Gave me an incredible close shave. My son will be shaving soon and this will be on his Birthday list. Shame I have only just discovered it.

Wife loves it too and it has led to some desirable outcomes ;-. Matt Johnson. I bought this razor from the shaving shack and it arrived a few days later.

Delivery is really quick. This is my first step into shaving with a DE razor. Was very impressed. Lovely grip.

Easy to use. Only one little nick but that's down to my technique I'm sure. All in all a cracking razor. Very happy.

The Merkur 34C Heavy Duty is a great product. Great feel and the weight just right in my opinion. Great value for money. Really nice little razor.

I'm new to de shaving relatively, but shaving now is enjoyable. I almost look forward to it, taking time to lather up etc. The razor works well, I use the blades a few times before I change.

Using this may take longer but the end result leaves you feeling spot on. Mr Neil Vernon. What a great bit of kit!

Really well crafted and top quality. Popped in a blade from The Bluebeards Revenge and de-stubbled. All I can say is WOW! A lovely close, comfortable shave.

Mr Dave Wing. I've been wet shaving using cartridge razors for nearly 30years and decided to give this 'old fashioned' razor a try, mainly to do my bit for the environment.

This is without doubt, the best wet shave i have ever had!! First shave with the Merkur 34c was amazing. No nick's or cuts at all, just a perfectly comfortable smooth shave and the closest i've ever had.

Highly recommended whether you're new to wet shaving or an old hand, simply first class and with 'The Shaving Shack's' second to none pricing and service!!

Mr James Johnson. This is my first dip into the DE Razor world and after a lot of research settled with this 34c. I was quite dubious to begin with but with my first shave i am converted.

Highly recommend for beginners as supposedly is rated as medium aggressive. I had no nicks or cuts and the angle is super easy to find.

This is the bees' knees as far as I am concerned! The two piece construction is simple and keeps fingers away from sharp blades! The shape finish and balance are great!

Mr Matthew Stevens. I've had this razor for about 4 years now and it still looks brand new. Exceptional quality and all the razor you could ever need.

I'd say its quite a mild razor so but still has no problem giving a smooth shave. This razor just makes me furious every time I see a Gillet fusion mach 3 advert Dylan Law.

I was apprehensive at first, thinking I was going to need skin grafts to fix me up afterwards but I worried over nothing. The Merkur 34C along with some Astra Platinum blades I have produces great close shaves, without any irritation or nicks.

Also works out so much cheaper to own than the mainstream multi blade razors so it's definitely a keeper.

Also the service from the Shaving Shack was great, receiving my order very quickly and well packed. Top marks all round and I recommend this razor to anyone who may be worried about trying a DE razor, excellent results eve for a newbie like me.

Mr david ramplin. Wow - 1st time user of a DE. Easy, quick, no nicks or burns. Wish Id given it a go sooner. Mr Michael Walker.

Fantastic razor, does the job very well and very well made. Great service from Shaving Shack too. Highly recommend this razor to anyone new to DE shaving.

Mr P Little. I bought the Merkur 34C and wasn't happy with it at all. It took several passes over the face before it had cut 2 days growth.

I have used this type of safety razor for several years and not had this problem. Definately wouldn't buy one again and the retailer was unhelpful - said he couldn't exchange a razor!

Mr Tony Mooney. I remember my Dad shaving with a double edge razor when I was young but since I was old enough to shave it was always "trendy" to use the readily available disposable type razor.

I eventually got fed up with the poor quality of these razors and began the search for a better option. I came across the Shaving Shack and spotted the numerous DE razors and it took me back to my childhood memories.

I then read the many reviews and found that the Merkur 34c seemed what I was looking for. When it arrived I was astounded by the sheer quality and feel of the razor and I was looking forward to my first shave.

Boy,was this an "experience" it felt "just right" in my hand even though the razor has a small handle but I found it comfortable and simple to use.

When I had finished shaving I was very impressed and will Never go back to the disposable razors and I'm confident you won't either.

Mr Steven Sutton. Just had my first shave with this and what can I say. Very good build and a great shave. Get it if you want a very good razor, even better if you are starting out with Wet DE shaving as well.

Mr James Jordan. After 14years of shaving, I had my very first razor burn free shave last night! Fantastic stuff, feels excellently made, sturdy, well weighted and worth every penny of the price!

Wish I had of bought this years ago! First time using a DE razor after using a shavette for just over a month and a cartridge before that for seven years - I'm young and looking for a cheap way of shaving comfortably.

Bought a DE for convenience as I have to have a close shave every day for work. First shave with the Merkur 34c came with apprehension Would it cut my face up?

Would it get close enough? Will it take me ages to get the technique right? Turns out even with a pretty rubbish lather and not a lot of preshave oil that this was the easiest shave of my life.

Not a single cut and after two passes, one with and one against, it was like I'd never grown stubble. Also pretty quick after the minute it took me to find the cutting angle.

TL:DR young guy looking for close, comfortable and cheap shave for everyday. Just don't pull the bottom of the handle all the way out Lyndon Dudding.

A great little razor. Small and compact yet sufficient heavy to have a good feel in the hand. Great razor for a beginner as it's pretty forgiving.

I prefer to use Astra blades in the 34C. Mr Alan Haydon Cooper. Having just got back into shaving properly this is my first decent razor bought from The Shaving Shack and I love it.

It's a decent weight maybe the handle could be longer but despite this it works like a dream. With your blade of choice its a great razor to use if your looking for a heavyweight razor.

I love it. Mr Gary Rainey. I'm not quite sure what all the fuss is about. Ok I'm a relative newbie but thought I needed this due to the reviews.

Maybe I need a different blade in it. Don't get me wrong it's a beautiful razor and very well made and balanced but doesn't seem to work for me.

Will report back after I try it with some feathers. Mr Aaron Cooper. I had very high hopes for this razor, and who doesn't given the vast praise it gets from other users?

Sorry, but my feedback isn't so chart-topping I'm afraid. See the issue is.. I also have a Merkur 37c. I bought the 34c expecting a somewhat similar shave but a bit less aggressive.

What I got was a very solid razor indeed and yes a much less aggressive shave But very little hair removed at all. However, I do feel that this razor definitely demands multiple passes to achieve a truly great shave.

It took me 3 full passes going down, left and right across my entire beard and tash to get close to what the 37c does in one downward pass.

Huge disappointment for me. Wait just a sec review critics! There's a reason why this is such a big deal to me: I have incredibly sensitive skin. I'm not talking a bit of soreness from a rough shave, I'm on a drug currently called roacutain for severe adult acne.

When I need to do a 2nd shaving pass, even reapplying lather over my shaved areas causes high irritation. I've tried multiple creams and all produce similar burning sensations.

So when I use my 37c, one pass is a great shave that'll last me a few days. The 34c demands at the very least 2 very thorough passes, and leaves me in pain.

I'd recommend this razor for first time DE razor shavers and for those that don't mind multiple passes for a really nice stubble-free shave.

It's incredibly well made and blades don't move at all once seated inside- the 37c requires a little coaxing to get the blade lined up perfectly.

Sorry 34c lovers, it's just not for me. Bought this from shaving shack before making an account, my first switch over from cartridges.

Really nice! Perfect for a beginner like me and so far good results with wilkinson blades. Thumbs up. Mr George Christou.

I received this razor as a gift and have been very happy with it. It is a nice size, especially since I prefer smaller handles which give me more control, and it is a well made piece.

It's not the most aggressive of razors but this works well for me as I usually use an ultra sharp feather blade.

A good all round razor, I would recommend it to beginners and those wanting a reliable day to day razor. Neil Ridley.

An absolute revelation. I have just used my Merkur 34C for the first time a luxurious Christmas day shave and the quality and ease of using this is astounding.

I have been a fan of shaving well for about a year ie using a brush, soap and a variety of pre and post-shave treatments but this is the first experience of using a DE.

It is so light, accurate and precise that they could probably issue a guarantee with these- you'll NEVER go back to a cartridge! As long as you think about your shave, you won't get any nicks or cuts.

It's shocking to think that we have supposed to have moved on in gentlemen's grooming, when the simplicity of this razor,coupled with some Astra blades, a rich, thick creamy soap and enough time is all one really needs.

Gentlemen, seize back your mornings from the grip of the likes of Gillette and Wilkinson Sword! Having sensitive skin, I have always found it difficult to have a comfortable shave.

I have tried many manual razors Gillette, Wilkinson etc. I then conducted my own research and found that using a DE razor with DE blades could reduce the amount of irritation associated with shaving.

Based on many recommendations, I decided to purchase the Merkur 34C as it is a good razor for beginners like myself.

After finding out The Shaving Shack had the best price, I purchased this razor along with shaving cream, shaving brush and an alum block.

I also received 10 free razor blades you can pick which ones you would like. The item was delivered extremely quick within 2 days and I had no issues at all.

The razor itself was packaged well and it is a pleasure to use. The construction is very sturdy and will last for years if it is looked after properly instructions in the box.

Using the razor to shave is a pleasant surprise. Firstly, you will need to adjust your technique holding the razor at a 30 degree angle etc.

Having used the razor for a few weeks, I have had no ingrown hairs, no irritation and no discomfort. It really is a pleasure to use.

Note: you should invest in some pre-shave and post shave products in order to facilitate a better shave. My personal recommendation would be to purchase the Osma Alum Block that is also sold here.

This is a tiny block which soothes the skin after a shave and stops bleeding. This alum block will last for years and will be very useful for your shaves especially the first few.

After deciding on a double edge safety razor as I wanted to move away from my Mach 3 I opted for this 34C HD due to the fantastic reviews for a beginners razor.

After now using it as my only shaver for 2 weeks shaving every other day I can say that I am very impressed and actually enjoy shaving!

At first I thought it was a bit small as I am 6ft with reasonable sized hands but it is a perfect size and I realised I do not need a longer handle at all.

The weight and quality are great and it seems as though it will last many many years. Overall I am very happy with my purchase and the rapid delivery and great customer service from Shaving Shack.

Richard Wilson. I was originally shopping around online for a new electric shaver, when I came across The Shaving Shack.

After reading the reviews and talkng to Dan, I bought a 34C. It's a functional, beautifully crafted, compact but hefty instrument.

I had to re-learn the shaving techniques I last used over 30 years ago, but it's well worth it - you cannot get this quality of shave with an electric or multiblade cartridge razor.

It does take longer, but it's not an unpleasant task any more! Great service from Dan too. My wife bought me the Merkur 34C for my birthday.

I was a bit sceptical at first — if DE razors are so good, why did they invent the cartridge style ones.

As soon as I used my new razor, I realised that my doubts were completely unfounded. After following the wet shaving tips on this website and others I managed to have a comfortable, nick-free very close shave first time round.

You really appreciate the weight of the 34C and quality of the craftsmanship when it is in your hand. Using light, short strokes the blade glided across my face.

Even the potentially more problematic mouth and neck areas were a breeze to shave. Afterwards my skin felt supple and smooth, and the subtle smell of sandalwood I used Taylor of Old Bond St Sandalwood shave cream applied with a brush that emanated from my skin was the icing on the cake.

The best analogy I can think off to using a DE razor is that of pens. You can use a bic to scribble a note on a scrap of paper.

Or you could use a beautifully made fountain pen and write with black ink on thick, quality note paper. It might take a bit more skill and it will take more time because you have to be more careful, but the end result will be so much more satisfying and the task itself so much more fun and memorable.

It is the same with saving. Using a DE razor does take longer, you do have to be careful and implement some skill but the end result is worth it — shaving becomes a joy, not a chore.

Will I ever use a modern cartridge razor again? Probably — when I wake up late and need a quick shave before going into work.

But for the height of luxurary, maximum pampering, totally indulgent I feel great shave I will always use my Merkur 34C.

Thank you Caroline, Paul P. The service and delivery from Shavingshack was spot on. Order now and you will not be disappointed. Seppi Evans.

My first DE razor at the age of 42! For years been using the multi blade cartridges believing that buying newer technology meant better.

How wrong could have I been? Mach 3 blades for me are blunt on the fourth day, using the 34C with the Israeli blades last ages and ages, in fact I think I change them too regularly as I cannot adjust to their longevity.

My five o'clock shadow now appears around 10pm, there is no way I will be going back to the Mach 3. John Burgess. This has got to be one of the most effective DE razor available for the price.

Its solidly built German of course easy to handle and gives the closest shave I have ever had. Once you get one of these you know you will never need another razor again, these are built to last a lifetime and no doubt longer.

This is the third razor I have bought from shave shack I also have a Vision and merkur every one is top class Do I need three razors, not realy but when I can get all three for less than a cheap set of hair straightners that the wife buys once a year, and know these will see me through a lifetime of top shaves then yes I can have all three.

One thing I can say for certain Once you learn how to wet shave, it could take a week or two, you will be converted for life.

Tony Esinov-Jack. Good build quality Good balance and weight Close shave although not with the merkur blades for me.

Shaving shack provided a very good delivery service and advice. Warren Simpson. A work colleague told me about this website and how he now,will never go back to disposable shaving,saving himself a small fortune as well as getting a far closer shave and an all round better experience.

I decided to see if wet shaving was the answer. It took a little getting use to first,Having only used the dreaded disposables most my life.

But now i can honestly say i would never go back. Shaving is no longer something i depise,its an experience i enjoy having and its a far sight cheaper than the disposable cartridge way.

Thanks to John Burgess and Shaving shack For showing me the better option of doing things. Glenn Roberts. This is my first purchase of a DE razor, a decision reached for various reasons.

One, the sheer cost of blades, for my latest offering from Gilette; two, the idea of going back to basics appeals to me and three, felt worth a go if it can help with shaving rash after having tried so may different options over the last couple of decades!

Having read other reviews and general discussion around what's best, I felt slightly apprehensive, about using a DE razor but can honestly say that I have had no problems so far.

The shaving rash has reduced, I have extra cash in my wallet in the longer term, and I'm enjoying it so far. Zac Barnett. I had many reviews about different DE razors and finally decided to go with the 34C.

I am new to DE shaving, but wanted to change because i kept getting awful shaving rash and the cost of mach 3 blades were becoming ridiculous.

I had my first shave this morning and it was great. I watched the videos on youtube of how to shave properly and so didnt cut myself at all.

Its very easy to use and my skin looks and feels so much better. Also would like to mention the very good service from shaving shack, giving me advice when emailed and a prompt delivery.

I did not realise that there would be such a difference between this and my mach 3, but there was. However, beware of the need for a quality brush and shaving cream to finish the job off properly!

Well some have tried it earlier in life so at 48 I thought - Ok, I will give a DE razor a go but it surely cannot be any better than three blades on a Mach 3 etc.

How wrong could I be? I chose the 34c having read several reviews of this and others. Seemed liked a good, reliable and sturdy first choice for a DE razor.

Well done Shavingshack!!!! Tried the 34C HD after years of Gilette cartridge razors. I couldn't believe the quality of the shave on my first attempt!

It was a particularly close shave, and nowhere near as difficult as I was led to believe. The razor itself is a lovely piece of equipment, and looks good in your bathroom.

It seems bullet proof, and is a joy to use. The shorter handle ensures tricky spots like under your nose are still simple to shave, with no nicks.

The razor seemed a lot sharper than my multiblades I used previously, resulting in fewer passes. My face is now smooth to the touch, and the girlfriend noticed a change completely unprompted!

My first venture into the world of shaving was at the tender age of sixteen,and that involved purchasing an electric razor,a few years on I had moved onto the wet shave using disposables and shaving foam,I can now state I have seen the light!.

After reading a number of reviews on safety razors and the old method of using shaving cream and a badger hair brush I decided too investigate all the hype myself and purchased a Merkur 34 HD,I can now confirm it is not hype these old tried and trusted safety razors leave everything else in the shade.

Along with the razor I purchased the Taylors of Bond st Eton College shave cream and a badger hair brush. The results were unbelievable,my skin felt very smooth and fresh.

Would also like too thank Shaving Shack for their quick and excellent service. Thanks for converting me. Well, it arrived today and is my entry in to the world of DE shaving.

The packaging is excellent, and the razor itself looks solid and as if it will last a lifetime. I toyed with the idea of going for a Merkur Progress or Futur, but was worried they may be too aggressive for a newbie.

Nice and easy to use and causes no upset to my sensitive skin. I've been using electric shavers all my life and while they cause no irritation, the result has not been very close; this system and razor has changed all that, for the better!

Well done to Dan for the great help and advice. I will be returning here to buy future shaving supplies.

Used with Taylors of Bond Street cream and a good badger brush, the shave is unsurpassed. For me, 'perfect' is a close shave with little irritation as I suffer from adult acne.

I was not disappointed, getting the closest shave in my life though it took some practice as it was my first DE experience and my skin feels fine not scraped like it did after the Quattro!

Almost forgot, thank you The Shaving Shack for the cheap price and quick delivery! After several days of research I decided to take the plunge and buy my first ever DE razor.

After a few weeks of usage I am blown away by what a great shave I get from my 34C. Do it now and and you'll never look back.

Kudos to the Shaving Shack for delivering within 2 days as well! Richard Clarke. After trying disposable, cartridge and electric razors, i still had quite frequent flare ups of razor burn and ingrown hairs on account of my extremely sensitive skin.

After doing some research on DE razors I decided to go for the Merkur 34C because it was a good choice for a beginner. Immediately noticed the shaving rash clearing up and my face feels much softer and less irritated after shaving.

It is far less irritating using 1 extremely sharp blade than it is to use the double, triple etc blade cartridges they have out today, and also far less costly.

Definitley worth the try if your skin is sensitive, the shaving experience is much better and more comfortable!

Kamran Farooq. Well, what can I say. My wife ordered me one of these beauties on the 31st December, and it arrived on the 2nd Jan, just in time for my birthday.

I've been using it ever since, and everything I've heard is true. This really is a very remarkable razor. Heavy, well made, tactile, and gives a great shave.

A definite recommendation to DE shavers of any experience level. Well let me tell you don't hesitate in buying one! The Merkur 34C is a well finished and strongly built razor which handles effortlessly and is well balanced.

It has over the last few months provided many first class shaves. I now fully believe that with the right blade, soap or cream , brush and the Merkur 34C you can get better, closer and more enjoyable shaves.

One other thing, this may be a "old style" razor but it performs better than any modern alternative. Dont let it's style put you off whether you are young or old, Im in my 20's and now proud to be a DE shaver.

Thank you Shaving Shack for helping me improve my Shave. This is an excellent safety razor for the beginner and experienced wetshaver alike.

No shave-den should ever be without a Merkur HD 34C. The quality, heft and balance of this razor is perfect. Of all my razors this gives my some of the best and most enjoyable shaves - I doubt it will ever loose it's well earned place in my daily rotation.

If you are a beginner - og looking for a razor to give to a beginner this is it! As a year old starting my first real job in the City after graduating, I felt that the perennial nicks and razor bumps caused by my 'juvenile' shaving with a Mach 3 had to be banished for good.

After a bit of searching on the net on how to get a better shave I came across the Shaving Shack and I haven't looked back since.

It's perfectly weighted which means no more pressing down on my face and thus no more hacking away at my skin.

The knurling on the handle makes it easy to grip even with wet hands and the screw down design works perfectly. Although many say you have to be more careful with DE safety razors, I'd disagree to a certain extent.

Although it does take more time to get an even shave 10mins as opposed to mins , I very rarely cut myself with this little beauty and razor bumps are a thing of the past.

Although there are cheaper DE razors out there, if you are a first time entrant into the market I cannot recommend this model highly enough.

Although the razor itself may seem expensive, in the long run with the low cost of DE blades it works out far cheaper than my Mach 3.

Go on, spoil yourself! Alan Messenger. Shaving is not something I never look forward to. I had become resigned to the fact that this was just the way the world was until I did some further research on the internet.

Many people suggested using a traditional safety razor such as the Merkur 34C. I no longer dread the morning shave, in fact, I rather look forward to it.

Also the money saved on razor blades is really quite something! The razor its self feels like a quality solid tactile instrument, which is something I have come to expect from German engineering.

Sami Al-Adawy. Had heard great things about this razor and after much research decided this would be a good choice for its greatly praised high quality shave, and also not to burn too big of a hole in my pocket.

And this razor certainly lives up to its reputation, an affordable, beautiful piece of shaving equipment that like it did with me, will convince you to never, EVER, go back to shoddy overpriced cartridge razors available today.

Having quite large hands I was at first worried about the size of the shaft, but soon found it easily managable to hold and control.

Great stuff, shaving has never been so easy, enjoyable, and close. If your contemplating getting into traditional wetshaving, go ahead and start right here!

Giles Loxton. After reading a bit about DE shaving and safety razors I decided to give it a go and purchased the 34C after reading such glowing reviews.

What you see online is exactly what you will get. We guarantee it! You save. Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:.

Verpackung und Versand. Hier sollte jeder Einsteiger zugreifen. Book Of Ra Download Nokia Merkur ist meine Allzweckwaffe, wenn es mal schnell gehen muss. Er ist, und bleibt, halt ein Klassiker. Sie können diesen Artikel auf die Liste der beobachteten Artikel setzen und ihn später kaufen. Letztes Wette Antalya Merkur 39C.

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